Navideep Services has proven skills in chartering vessels on spot basis as well as negotiating term contracts, including work done for global oil majors, regional subsea and diving contractors, as well as global salvage and dredging companies.

We have also brokered charters for chemical tankers, MPP vessels, offshore support vessels, as well as smaller craft and floating cranes for construction of harbor structures and inshore operations. We even once chartered a flotilla of ships for the Hollywood blockbuster, which was filmed in harbours of our home city.

Neither charter party is a hardship for us, and we can also arrange transportation of dry bulk and liquid commodities; including chemicals, feedstock, clean petroleum products, grains, fertilizers, heating pellets, iron ore, steel products and project shipments involving oversized heavy cargoes. We have the special knowledge in ice-class and icebreaking vessels, serving ice defense and ice management duties, as well as in tugboats, multicategory vessels and large offshore vessels equipped with dynamic positioning systems.